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    Criminal / Traffic

    State of Texas Vs. Defendant

    Request Driver Safety Course  for Ticket Dismissal GET FORM
    Request Deferred Adjudication "Probation" for Ticket Dismissal GET FORM
    Not Guilty Plea - Court Setting GET FORM
    No Contest "Nolo Contendere" Plea or Guilty Plea GET FORM
    Defendant's Claim of Indigency GET FORM
    Use the ONLINE SERVICES provided by TX DPS GOTO SITE
    CIVIL / Debt Claim 
    Financial Lender SUES Debtor
    Information Packet and Forms for the DEFENDANT/Debtor being sued GET PACKET & FORMS

    CIVIL / Small Claim

    One Party SUES Another Party
    "The Peoples' Court"

    Information Packet and Forms for the PLAINTIFF who is filing a suit GET PACKET & FORMS
    PLAINTIFF's Verification of Defendant's Military Status GOTO SITE
    Information Packet and Forms for the DEFENDANT who is being sued GET PACKET & FORMS

    CIVIL / Eviction

    Landlord/Owner/Agent sues to Evict a Named Person

    Information Packet and Forms for the PLAINTIFF who seeks to Evict another Party 



    PLAINTIFF's Verification of Defendant's Military Status GOTO SITE
    Information Packet and Forms for the DEFENDANT who is filed on for Eviction GET PACKET & FORMS

    CIVIL / Repair and Remedy

    Tenant (Plaintiff) files a demand on the Landlord (Defendant) for a Repair or Remedy to the Property

    Information for the TENANT/PLAINTIFF who is filing for a Demand of Repair or Remedy to the Property GET FORM
    Information for the LANDLORD/DEFENDANT who is filed upon for a Repair or Remedy Demand GET FORM

    TRUANCY / Civil Case

    State of Texas Vs. Minor/Child

    Know Your RIGHTS as a Defendant GOTO FORM
    File Your ANSWER with the Court GET FORM

    File a Petition to be Considered for an Occupational Driver License GET FORM
    File an Application for Emergency Detention of a Mentally Ill Person GET FORM
    File to Request Consideration for an Offense to be Expunged from the Record GET FORM

    Represent Yourself in Court as a "Pro Se" Litigant GOTO SITE
    Discover the Reason(s) Your Texas Driver License is Invalid, Suspended, On-Hold, or Other.  Make a Plan to Get it Back in Good Standing. GET FORM
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    Alternatives to Payment of Fine and Costs GET FORM

  • MAILING ADDRESS                                                                      
    Coleman Justice Court 
    100 W. Liveoak Street, Suite 103
    Coleman, Texas 76834 
    M-Th 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 
    Fr 8:00 am to 4:00 pm 
    Closed 12-1 pm for Lunch
    (325) 625-4223 Office NO VOICEMAIL            
    (325) 625-4154 Fax                                            
  • The Justice of the Peace (JP), is a Judge who serves as a County Magistrate.

    The Countywide Justice of the Peace (JP) for Coleman County, Texas is the lead Magistrate for the County in conducting Code of Criminal Procedures, Chapter 15.17 Hearings where defendants rights are stated and the bail amount is set for any level, misdemeanors and felonies, charges filed by law enforcement. The Judge also serves to decide and issue administrative, misdemeanor and felony warrants for: arrests and searches, blood warrants, emergency protective orders, and mental health commitment orders.  The Judge also conducts Administrative License Review (ALR) Hearings and Medical Advisory Board (MAB) Hearings for the Texas Department of Public Safety to determine license suspensions and revocations.   The Judge also conducts hearings for stolen property seized during investigations. 

    The JP is a State Judge in Texas.

    The JP is a State Judge according to the Texas Government Code and Texas Election Code.  According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, JPs may exchange benches with JPs in other counties as well the orders, writs and warrants issued by JPs are all state-wide processes that may be executed within the entire State of Texas. 

    The Judge serves as the Medical Examiner for the County.

    The Justice of the Peace for Coleman County also serves as the Chief Medical Examiner for all unattended deaths that occur within Coleman County.  Unattended scenarios include traffic fatalities, suicides, in-home passings and homicides.  The Justice of the Peace (JP) is called out to each and every scene to personally view the deceased and take account of the factors for a Death Inquest.  It is the sole responsibility of the Judge to order autopsies as deemed necessary; and, to file death certificates with the State of Texas Registry for the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Deaths that are attended by physicians, registered-nurses, and Hospice care, do sometimes motivate these medical professionals to contact the JP to request an autopsy due to the possibility of "foul play".  The JP's inquest is conducted separately, and parrallel to, that of Law Enforcement.  The County Judge serves as an alternate to the JP in this capacity.    

    The Justice of the Peace is the Judge of the Justice Court; and, the Justice Court is a Criminal and Civil Trial Court.

    Justice Court appeals are heard by the Constitutional County Court.  Justice Courts hear criminal cases on Class C Misdemeanors filed by Texas DPS Troopers, Texas Game Wardens and the Coleman County Sheriff's Department.   The Justice Court is a Criminal Trial Court and a Civil Trial Court in the State of Texas.  Civil cases include: evictions, tow hearings, property hearings, repair and remedy cases, small claims lawsuits, debt claim lawsuits.  Small claims cases are often refered to as "The Peoples Court". The JP's civil jurisdiction tops out at $10,000 (soon to be $20,000).  Hearings are conducted weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

    The court has evolved over the years and now may be able to offer alternatives to satisfying levied fines for Class C Misdemeanors. It is the responsibility of the defendant to contact the court to seek alternatives and to provide evidence of indigent status. The court offers extensions of time to pay and community service, and in extreme cases waivers of fines and costs . 

    Defendants may be able to have a citation dismissed by invoking their right to take a Driver Safety Course (Defensive Driving) or the Judge may offer Deferred Adjudication. Commercial Drivers: Class B or A CDL License holders are not authorized, by law, to have a citation dismissed by a Driver Safety Course or by Deferral. 

    Special Notices.

    The Coleman County Justice of the Peace does not conduct wedding ceremonies. The Santa Anna Municipal Judge does conduct wedding ceremonies.

    This court does not utilize voicemail.  All correspondence must be in writing.



    BY TELEPHONE: You may pay with Credit/Debit Card.


    IN PERSON: Stop by the Office, located on the 1st floor of the Coleman County Courthouse in Suite 103.  You may pay with Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check, or by Credit/Debit Card.


    BY MAIL: Send Cashier's Check or Money Order to  Justice Court, 100 W. Liveoak St., Ste 103, Coleman, Tx. 76834.

    NO personal checks.  No cash.  Please note your name, and  citation or docket number on your payment.



    Please reference the "FORMS AND INFORMATION" tab below.  Scroll down to the yellow, Self-Help, section and select the information you need.